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Here at PDCash we are always striving to pay YOU more. We want to hear about any potential sales leaks you are concerned about, so we can plug them for you. We want to be as close to 100% leak free as possible so you get commission for every sale. For example, most other sites offer alternative payment methods for their customers such as mailing in a payment check or money order. Even if they don't disclose this information directly on their site. Others actually turn over to another payment processor when Clickbank can't accept the transaction - which means you don't get paid at all for the sale you sent! We don't agree with this practise which is why we DO NOT take mailed payments and will not cascade our payment processors. If we can't pay you what you deserve, we don't take the payment. If you find ANY leaks you think we should plug, please submit a support ticket into the affiliates department and we'll take a look at it.


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Starter Book Review Website

Starter Book Review Website

An ebook review website is one fantastic way to get relevant traffic and warm leads. People who are looking for reviews written about a certain product is a good indication of intent to purchase. This is why many top affiliates take advantage of this and create exclusive ebook review websites as their landing pages. As a tool for preselling, you can never go wrong with a book review website.

To help you get started immediately in promoting the ebook, here is a starter website you can use. It comes complete with a review of the ebook, a set of 4 articles dealing with premature ejaculation, and an optin area complete with a 2 week mini course that you can use. The only thing that's missing is your domain name.


1. Download the starter site to your computer. The files have been compressed into one zip file for you to be able to easily access it.

Starter Site for A Prejaculation Review Site (.zip)

2. Purchase your domain name. You can use any name you want. But if you want to optimize your site for SEO, a purposeful and practical name, such as will be advantageous for you.

3. Host your site. There are several companies that offer hosting services. Choose one that's reliable and offers good support for clients. This will come in handy especially if you don't have a lot of experience creating websites yet.

4. Personalize the site. You will need a software like Dreamweaver to be able to edit the site. Personalize the site, add your encrypted affiliate hoplink, add articles and grow your site.

5. Get an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a site that will manage your list for you. It captures the name and email addresses of the people who sign in to your 2-week mini course and keep them in a database. It also takes care of sending them the mini course at the pace that you choose. To link the site to the autoresponder, be sure to plug in the form code in the space alloted for it in the reviewtemplate.dwt.

5. Once you are happy with the site, you can now upload it to your host. After uploading it, your site will be live on the internet and you are ready to drive traffic to it as your landing page.

Need more help and instructions in installing or personalizing the mini review site? email us here:


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