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>> BIG NEWS! Now You Can Track Your PPC Keywords From Within Your Clickbank Account And See Which keywords Are Sending You Sales...
Without Us Adding Your Conversion Code!
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>> Plug a sales leak...

Here at PDCash we are always striving to pay YOU more. We want to hear about any potential sales leaks you are concerned about, so we can plug them for you. We want to be as close to 100% leak free as possible so you get commission for every sale. For example, most other sites offer alternative payment methods for their customers such as mailing in a payment check or money order. Even if they don't disclose this information directly on their site. Others actually turn over to another payment processor when Clickbank can't accept the transaction - which means you don't get paid at all for the sale you sent! We don't agree with this practise which is why we DO NOT take mailed payments and will not cascade our payment processors. If we can't pay you what you deserve, we don't take the payment. If you find ANY leaks you think we should plug, please submit a support ticket into the affiliates department and we'll take a look at it.


Get Paid 75% Of the Profit
From Every Sale With Our Unique and In-Demand Products For Men...
Making You Mountains Of Cash
So Easily, You'll Think You Have The Midas Touch!

Our best affiliates earn OVER 6 figures yearly!

You too can earn massive commission checks every 2 weeks with our help!

Join our affiliate program now is home to some massive selling, high-converting digital products for men. Our products include the following sites:

We create hot new digital information products for men to help them with the biggest problems they face in their lives - for example, attracting and seducing women, becoming better lovers and increasing their overall happiness and confidence.

This niche is HUGE and ready for YOU to make great money from. Our affiliates send their pay checks into orbit selling our products because we take care of most of the hard work of selling, leaving you to concentrate on generating more targeted traffic.

Some of the main features of and our sites are:

  • Massive Payouts (You get up to $66.54 in ONE sale!)
    75% of EVERY sale goes straight into YOUR pocket!

  • Highest conversions (as high as 1:18 and better average on some sites). Our sites are designed to sell, and sell well. Rest assured, if you send quality traffic, you'll get quality results. Our best sites have MIND-BLOWING conversion ratios and the others are being consistently and aggressively tested and tweaked to make them sell just as well. Many of our affiliates are managing between 1:18 to 1:30 conversion ratios with highly targeted traffic. Even with cold banner traffic many of our Webmasters are managing 1:50 and better!

    Click here for proof of our sales ratios - this is just one of our average/good performing feeder sites, not the best one! 1:27 sales ratio! (your conversion ratio depends massively on many factors including the source of your traffic, the level of pre-sell, the target of your traffic etc - we'll try our best to help you increase your conversions) .

  • We offer multiple price points (On our best selling products). For example, on the surfer can purchase the GuyGetsGirl Ebook alone (which makes you a little over $31) or he can buy a bundle package containing some other highly desirable and closely related products (which makes you almost $50). It doesn't matter if he purchases the package or just the Ebook you still get paid 75%. PLUS if he only buys the standard Ebook package we try to upsell within the members area and if he purchases the upgrade there, you will still get paid the larger amount! We work HARD to make YOU more money.

  • We use a third party sales tracking and payment company - Clickbank. Our company does hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of transactions through Clickbank every year and they pay out to our affiliates on time, every time! Your sales are not shaved and you get paid a commission for every one by the highly trusted Clickbank.

  • Signup once, promote all of our products. Only 1 affiliate account is needed for ALL of's sites. All payments and sales are combined into one check. Promote as many of our sites as you want to.

  • Get paid on up-sales. When your surfer clicks through to our order page, we know he's ready to buy and when people are ready to buy something, it is easier to sell them MORE as they are in the "buying state of mind". So we offer them a bundle or package of our other top-selling related products and about 30-40% of the time, they are tempted and they make the larger package purchase. When they make the larger purchase we PAY YOU on the WHOLE amount, which makes your commissions way bigger than if we sold them the one product alone. For example, instead of earning 75% of the profit from a $49.95 product - you earn 75% of the profit from a $77 product. A massive payout increase!

  • Multiple Sales From Each Customer. Every time you send a visitor that purchases one of our products, we pay you a hefty commission. Then, when they are a customer we promote our other products to them from within our product members areas. If they make further PDcash product purchases we pay YOU a commission on THOSE sales too!

  • Free Promotional content (banners, articles and sales text). We have banners of all different shapes and sizes to fit your site design and theme. We also have free content including articles to use on your site and can advise you on the best way to pre-sell your traffic to boost sales and cash even more! PLUS, as soon as you have sent a few regular sales, we will even work with you to help create more of just what you need to increase sales. So, for example, let's say you've sent 5 sales over the space of a week or so, drop us an Email and ask for specific articles written for your site, or some recommendation text, or maybe some custom banners. We will work with productive affiliates as much as we can to help you increase your sales!

  • Accurate real-time sales reporting. The moment you make a sale, you'll see it in your Clickbank sales and stats interface. Know exactly how much you have made and when!

  • Payment every 2 weeks - on time, every time! You will be paid every 2 weeks without fail by the Trusted third party Clickbank. We have worked with Clickbank for over 5 years and they have NEVER missed a payment, NEVER bounced a check and NEVER paid late. Your sales are in safe hands with Clickbank.

  • Fast Webmaster Support. Have a problem that needs solving? Need help with something? Want advice on how to increase your sales? No problem, simply contact us and we'll help however we can as quickly as possible. We are here to help you to make more sales and more money. YOUR success is our success!

  • Conversion ratio improvement. We are constantly tweaking and changing the sales process of all our sites to increase conversion ratios and make more sales from the same amount of traffic. Employing various advanced techniques such as multivariate Taguchi style testing and simple A/B Split testing, we improve the sales process of all our sites over time - so YOU make more money!

  • Top quality products = happy customers. Our products are of the highest quality so your customers are happy. Our refund ratios are well within normal "Expected Digital Product Return Rates" and when we find a product that needs improving to retain customers even better - we start work on improving that product.

  • We DO NOT steal your traffic. To our utter amazement we have seen some other program owners stealing your traffic with exit consoles, or by using adsense on their sales pages and other sneaky techniques and sending it to their sponsors so you don't get paid but they do! We will NEVER do anything like this. Every visitor you send, we will work hard to make a commission on for you!

  • Tracking by 60 day cookies. We do our best to make sure every visitor you send, gets tracked and any commission is paid to you. If you send a visitor today and he signs up a week later you still get paid. In fact, you still get paid even if he signs up months later as he is tracked by cookies for 60 days!

  • No minimum payouts or sliding scales. You are paid every two weeks and will be paid from your first sale! You don't have to make a certain amount of sales before you start getting paid properly. Get up to 75% straight away. We have NO sliding scales, NO minimums, Just a huge wedge of cash for each and every sale.

  • Our products are unique and 100% exclusive! All of our products are of the highest quality and 100% exclusive to us. If you see any sites on the net copied or very similar, let us know, chances are they have stolen from us and we'll work quickly to get them shut down, protecting your income.

  • Reward program. We are planning on having a reward program to reward hard working affiliates and special bonus days. Sign up to our newsletter and we will send you details as and when the reward program is released. We will be giving away extra cash incentives, brand new games consoles, digital cameras and all sorts of other cool stuff.

  • Regularly adding fresh new top converting products. We are always looking to develop new products and ideas. Every time we release a new product you will be able to promote it easily all from your one account.

  • Your visitors have multiple payment options. Surfer has multiple payment options including credit card, paypal and online Check, and you get paid on them all however they sign up.

  • Free Promotional tips newsletter. We want you to do well. In fact, it is our aim to help you increase your income. If we can help you double or treble your income, we will. Your success is our success so make sure you sign up for our newsletter and we will send you the latest time-sensitive marketing ideas and other advice to help you make more money. We won't email you every other day so don't worry, we will only send you a newsletter when we have something exciting and profitable to say.

  • Vast Internet marketing experience. We have been affiliates for other people's products for around 5 years, in that time we have learned bucket loads about all aspects of selling, promotion and traffic generation. We can help your affiliate efforts. Also, we have been selling our own products for years too so you can be sure we will always do our best to deliver best sellers. Making YOU more money.

The cash that our sites can generate for you will blow your socks off and make you wonder why you were promoting other sites instead of ours for so long!

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It's easy to join - just follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Set up your Clickbank affiliate account. Setting up is fast and free. You only need to create one account to promote and become an affiliate of all our sites. If you already have a Clickbank affiliate account, you don't even need to signup again, and can proceed to step #2. To create your own affiliate account, here's where you sign up.

2. Once you have your Clickband account set up, you can use your Clickbank ID to grab the hoplink you need to get started. You will need 1 hoplink for each site. You will use this hoplink whenever you send traffic to our sales page. It will track the traffic and the sales that you send, allowing you to get paid for all the sales you refer. Get your encrypted hoplink for the site you want to promote: Promote Promote Promote Promote Promote Promote Promote Promote Promote Promote

3. Once you have your Clickbank ID and your encrypted, you are now ready to start promoting and start earning. We have prepared some marketing tools make it even easier for you. But before I give you the link to our affiliate tools, I'd like to invite you to sign up to our webmasters only, affiliate newsletter.

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  • Keep updated on new product releases

  • Receive new advertising and promotion techniques as we find them

  • Get more information on pre-selling and recommendation text to improve your sales by up to 300%

  • Find out about our new reward days and reward programs as we release them

  • And much more...

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Click on this link to view the affiliate and webmaster resources that we have prepared for each site. We have keywords, banners, review texts, articles, reports and a lot more:

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